The right word to use….🤔. It’s literally Offensive.

Never call or tag people with part of their body not functioning as “Disabled people”. But rather”People or a person with a Disability”.

This is because, the word”Disabled Person” means; “I cannot do anything”. Thus Death can be the only situation whereby you would be unable to do anything. But even “people with disability are capable of doing something”.

By Baidoo Petrina

Patience In life with regards to “Achievement”🤔

Generally, Patience means taking your time to do something or apparently “waiting”.

But equally has many meanings at the same time. That is depending on the state you find your self. It could be;

*During eating; Eating in order for the food not to choke you,by taking your time.etc.

But being patience in life with regards to achieving your goals is what most people misconcept and misunderstand.

Being Patient in life means not being in a haste to quit when mistakes approach and things become difficult. But understanding that problems are inevitable in our daily lives, hence you would challenge them and continue the journey of achievements. Mind you, no great achiever succeeded on a silver platter. Therefore, there would be stumbling blocks along the way to block you,but it is up to you to have patient to move the blocks from your way and continue the journey and not being impatient to quit the journey or get back.

By Petrina Baidoo.


*John Foppes – He was a person with many disabilities.

*Elon musk – He is the richest person in the world now.

*Albert Einstein

*Bill Gates

*Thomas Edison

*Stephen Spielberg

*Jack Canfield


Entitlement Of ‘Tags’ Are Decisions😳🤔.

PRELIMINARY: Generally,’Tags’ are title given to us due to a particular concept.

*I can acquire tags due to some basic qualities which have been perceived by others

*I can also aquire tags through Imposition. Being it myself imposing the tag on others to call me with or people imposing it on me.Etc.

*Therefore, tags depends on you to endorse or not.

Be mindful of the tags people entitle you with because it can affect you positively or negatively. This is because, the moment you are tagged, it automatically compels you to implement as that tag goes, that is, immediately you solely accept that tag. Thus; can be one of the major measuring agent of your future success.

By Petrina Baidoo


Analysis: Imagine that if the president or any successful person of your country was then tagged with inferior name which he/she also accepted. Ask yourself that would he be what he is today???🤔

This tells us that the moment we accept something, we attract. Therefore, tags which are entitled to you depends on you to accept or reject. Thus be bold to stop tags which can retrogress you in life.


Seeing yourself as Special 🥳🥰

Loving yourself is one of the basic key factor which also grooms you to be who you are…🤔Why???

Until you lower yourself, no one can. Thus,if you’re able to love and see yourself of worth. You can go beyond your expectation, which would aswell groom you to being worthy. Its Vice versa can therefore disrupt your life because you availed and preoccupied your mind with inferior things about yourself which will make antagonist worsen it.

By Petrina Baidoo


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